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Alot of things going on at Hubbes!

Just want to share some projects we are working on right now. Feel free to comment :)

Stuff going on at Hubbes


I promised some activity on the website but it´s hard to when we are busy working! I thought it could be nice to show you some pictures on the cars we are working on right now. Feel free to comment! And of course if you need help with your car you can always contact us and we can help you with your project!

Follow us!


From now on stuff will happen on the web at Hubbes. We will post articles about our projects, events we are attending and all sorts of daily life things we are experiencing at our shop. Stay tuned for our next article coming up where we will show some before and after pictures of our next project!


All news from now on will also have a comment form where you can ask questions or just share some thoughts. So follow us! Over and out until next time!

New website!


We are working on a new website. We will from now on be more active on the web :). You will get more and better updated information as the website work moves along. Feel free to leave a comment!